Africa’s original “man of faith,” and the first preacher known to all as Papa, because of his natural fatherly nature to everyone he came in contact with.

Archbishop Benson Andrew Idahosa is one in a million.  He is a rare gem and an enigma to those who have known or heard about him.  Born on September, 11th 1938, he is the forth of nine children of that family.  At the age of eight, in 1946 he was enrolled into primary school.  Having developed an early penchant for education and a desire to study before his father sent him to live with relations; he doggedly determined to scrape through an initial western education in Salvation Army School, Benin City from 1952 and the Methodist School, Owo from 1955.

However, this only welted his appetite for more knowledge.  In 1959, Benson enrolled in Benneth Correspondence College, London.  The need to pay the required fees propelled him to seek his grand-father’s help in getting a job.  The positive prompt action of his grand-father lead to his employment in Bata Shoe Company.  He also moved from his aunt’s house to his grand-father’s house where he lived until he rented his own house.  He also obtained a Diploma in Business Administration and a Higher Diploma in office management while he worked as a salesman for Bata.  He determination to excel coupled with hard work and God’s favour lifted him above many others to a supervisory position at the company within the shortest time.

In 1972, he attended the Christ for the Nations Institute, Dallas, Texas, U.S.A. and was awarded his graduation certificate in Nigeria.  In recognition of his excellent performance in the ministry he was conferred with the honorary degree of Doctor of Divinity in May 1981, by the Word of Faith College, New Orleans, USA.  And in 1984, the Oral Roberts University, Tulsa, USA, honoured him with another doctorate degree this time Doctor of Law.

In 1985, he was consecrated as the Archbishop of Church of God Mission International Incorporated which has several branches across the world.  His consecration was led by a group of Ministers from the U.S.A. which included Bishop Duplessis (Mr. Pentecost) and Bishop Myers. He remained in the post until his coronation on March 12, 1998.

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The original “Papa”